A short overview of skills/apps/knowledge we plan to demonstrate (you’ll practise) during the Summer school. You’ll find here some of the recommended Apps and software related to the specific topic/skills.

Slack – team communications (alternative to fb, Whtsp)
Trello – team planning and task delegation. Free pdf guide for Trello.
Alternatives – (Planner, Asana, …)

Diigo – is a social bookmarking website that allows to bookmark and tag Web pages. Additionally, it allows users to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page.
Keep – super simple interface, that helps you to record your momentary thoughts and ideas (easy to share, very simple, not for long text and complicated structure)
Evernote – helps you to sort and organize the combination of your ideas and chosen offline webs (desktop or browser add-on)
OneNote – helps you put all possible info sources together on kind of endless board, you can use linear or non-linear structure (desktop or browser add-on). You need to have the Microsoft package on your computer or be registered under Microsoft cloud service.
Zotero – helps you store and organize the citation and source informations from the internet.
Mendeley – helps you store and organize the citation and source informations from the internet. Desktop and add-on, Oriented more for the researchers and scientific writing.
There are many others 🙂 See THIS OVERVIEW or THIS OVERVIEW.

Grammarly – a “must-have” plugin and add-ons for your computer and browser. It will increase your English writing skills markedly :).
Steve Dotto – YT channel – my choice whenever I’d like to learn some tips and tricks about particular apps.

TEDx – great videos and presentations of people who have interesting ideas and stories to tell 🙂
Khan Academy – one of the pioneers in the field of online education.
Rosling’s family – the founder of GapMinder and the long-time fighter for a better understanding of the world situation. Worth to know a bit more about his vision of the world through the lens of data and funny statistics :).
Simon Sinek – inspiring guy whenever you’d like to know more about the leadership and inner motivation across all kind of businesses.
Wait but why – an interesting insight into many topics related to human society. Long texts but worth to read from time to time, it will give you a different perspective on many things :).