Organization 1: ICWM – Improving Cambodian Waste Management

Action Area 1: Regular waste collection and management

FemaleAnna DobremyslovaMEL officer
Female Sok VannyFinancial Manager
Female Seng Seav YHR manager
MaleKeo Srong WASH Tech. Advisor
Male Chhaeum SocheathPR and Communication focal point
Male Jan FaktorProject Manager

Organization 2: SUMORUA, Sustainable Movement of Royal Univerzity

Action Area 2: Safe and affordable drinking water and food

Male Martin Priadka MEL officer
MaleLuu Minh Tri Tran Financial Manager
Male But Balen HR manager
Female Yun Sunheng WASH Tech. Advisor
Male Khen Lakhin PR and Communication focal point
Female Kristýna Kopáčová Project Manager

Organization 3: Safe Hands

Action Area 3: Access to sanitation and hygiene

Male Vraj Ureshkumar Thakar MEL officer
Female putheavy Financial Manager
Female Zuzana Razkova HR manager
Male loy bunty WASH Tech. Advisor
Male chea channa PR and Communication focal point
Female Katerina Sramkova Project Manager


Starting a non-profit organization can be an inspiring way to give back to your community and help those in need. A non-profit organisation is a company incorporated for public benefit relating to one or more cultural or social activities, or communal or group interest. Growing and sustaining a nonprofit may take years of effort and a great deal of determination. If you wish to receive grants or donor-funding, you are required to register.

How to establish new organization

Each organization has a maximum of 7 team members. The teams are balanced in gender and nationality/university. Minimum of 3 laptops is available in each team.

Roles and responsibilities in the organization are well defined and clearly communicated to all team members. Following positions are filled by your team members:

  • Project manager – decides on the course of actions, organizing and motivating project team, planning resources and activities, distributes tasks, assuring active participation of each team member
  • MEL officer – Monitoring, evaluation and learning. Assessing needs, developing indicators, monitoring the corse of the project implementation, measuring impact of project activities
  • Finance manager – estimating costs and developing budget, collecting invoices and submitting expense reports to donor
  • PR and Communication focal point (Public Relation)- developing visual materials, presentations, photo/video documentation of project implementation
  • HR manager (Human Resource) – Identifies the skills of each team members, forecasts future skills needs, involving external people if needed, supports effective skills utilisation within team. Is responsible to evaluate each training day in the “Mood Meter” on behlf of the team.
  • WASH Technical advisor(s) – Knowledge holder of the technical aspects of the project, has up to date knowledge and information in the WASH sector, managing the network of contacts on other technical advisors

New organizations must submit Organization Registration Form upon their establishment. Upon registration, each member of the organization will receive an email invitation to join the Slack communication channel. In this email, there is a link to follow where you set up your account and log in to the workspace.

App can be installed free of charge in any Android and iOS mobile phone. A desktop app also exists that can be installed on Windows computers to allow desktop access. Please, ensure that each organization is registered in the following Slack workspace “summerschoolc-5ro6831.

Ensure the name of your organization has been communicated to the donor. Ensure that each team member has been provided with access to Slack channel and provided a profile picture that is uploaded to Slack for easier member recognition.